Surrogate Mother's Own Story

A Surrogate Mother’s Own Story

Thank you to the Charlotte Observer for this series on surrogacy, written first-hand by three-time surrogate mother, Stacey Ashe.

There’s no easy way to summarize the insight and experiences of this remarkable woman (a Registered Nurse, mother of three of her own children, including one adopted from China). Best to let her speak for herself…

Now, if the term “Surrogacy” makes you think of turkey basters, piles of cash, and crazy news stories, you’ve probably seen a few too many talk shows! In reality, there are many people that use surrogacy as an option to have a child, and it’s much less dramatic than people think.
And while many people think of surrogacy as an option for couples who cannot get pregnant, few think about the actual surrogate – the person who carries and delivers a baby for that couple.
I’m one of the people who has been a surrogate… three times… twins each time.
Yes, I carried six babies that weren’t mine, and I gave them over to their parents at the end of long pregnancies and went home to my own children.


Stacey recounts her story in the hope of shedding light onto the realities of surrogacy. “There are many misconceptions, which I learned first hand from the many crazy questions that I got while I was pregnant with all three sets of twins and the reactions I received. My hope is to dispel some myths and get at least a few people to realize that it isn’t really such a crazy thing to help someone else earn the title ‘mom.’”

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